Club Rules

Emu Park Golf Club – Local rules (in addition to USGA Rules of Golf)
Out of Bounds as designated by Black and White markers

  • Club house, BBQ area behind hole 16, cark park and garden beds, buggy shed and defined on Holes 1, 7, 13, 17 and 18

Out of Bounds or lost ball – NO LOCAL RULE APPLIES
Apply stroke and distance rules including playing provisional ball.

Relief without penalty on course – (compulsory consultation with Marker)

  • Golf ball striking crocodile signs, lines or power pole
    • MUST BE REPLAYED from original location
  • Hole 9 right hand side compulsory drop zone from:
    • garden beds each side of road and roadway between garden beds
  • Relief without penalty nearest point of relief then 1 club length no nearer hole from:
    • bridges/roadway across drains front of Holes 2, 3 and 7 tees
    • roadway Hole 7 green to Hole 8 tees
    • Roadway between Hole 11 & 12, and left-hand side hole 15
    • Roadway top of dam wall and extending toward Hole 8 tee

Stoney Areas off fairways

  • Play ball as it lies – no penalty
  • Take relief with one stroke penalty
    • compulsory consultation with marker prior to taking relief
    • Drop ball within 2 club no closer to the hole or
    • Drop ball on reference line straight back from hole in play through estimated original ball location – no limit on distance back to obtain relief

Preferred Lie (no consultation with marker required) no penalty

  • Holes No 12, 13 & 14 defined by white & blue pegs

Embedded Stones on fairways (compulsory consultation with marker required) no penalty

  • Stones on fairway hole currently in play only –  one card length no nearer the hole

Marker definitions

  • Yellow & Red Pegs = Penalty Areas – Refer to Rule 17 in USGA Rules of Golf effective January 2019
  • Black & White = Out of Bounds 
  • Fairway Black Markers = 175 metres to centre of green
  • Fairway Blue Markers = 135 metres to centre of green
  • Fairway Brown Markers = 100 metres to centre of green

Pace of play

  • Parking of buggies at hole when ball/s on green
    • To side or back of green at least pin high and nearest access to next tee in play
  • Marking of score cards
    • Proceed to next tee before marking card
  • Stroke Play – maximum 10 strokes per hole then pick up ball
    • Excludes all championship and monthly medal rounds

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